Silina Jewellery

Born and raised in Athens, in a house with a garden, Silina spent hours under the big pear tree making things and dreaming up stories using all the treasures I discovered in nature.


"Many years later I studied graphic design and discovered the art of bookbinding. The book arts seemed to me the most magical, complete and interactive form of art. Following my instinctive love of knowledge I found myself in Seville where I learned to work with paper and turn it into a book and then the book into a balloon. Leaving Seville I started imagining metal books! That idea led me to my next step, to Florence to learn how to work with metal. New paths opened up and instead of books I started making jewellery, miniatures of technique and aesthetics. Blending paper and metal I discovered a new way to tell my stories in the form of small, precious objects. I returned to Greece and chose a special place to set up my workshop. So, I have been living, working and raising my daughter on Paros, this small island full of light, surrounded by the always changing sea and the wind that blows ideas swirling around our heads."

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