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Senja Brendon

Senja Brendon has a passion for wild places and travels throughout the mainland and islands of Scotland in her mobile studio campervan; hiking, sailing or kayaking to reach locations away from the “beaten track”.  She has a painterly approach, using bold, textured strokes to create expressive, atmospheric responses to real locations. Dramatic skies, stormy seas and wild landscapes are a constant feature of her work, with bold use of colour creating an illusion of reality, without being overly representational. 

"I have always been drawn to the sea and the life that nestles close to it. Sometimes it is a boat, a building or a tiny flower that captures my imagination. I make pencil, charcoal, watercolour or small oil sketches. Sometimes these studies become a finished piece, as I love to work ‘en plein air’ at the location, and other times they serve as a reference for further development in the studio. I would like to take you with me on a quiet wander along peaceful sands or share the powerful energy of huge, crashing waves. Every painting has a stage where I can almost feel the transfer of energy from me to the canvas, carrying a little piece of my soul and my wish to share with you the spirit of the sea. 


As my work continues to develop, I am becoming increasingly drawn to the magic of mark making and the interaction of colours. A sense of location is still important to me, yet I am becoming freer and more experimental in my journey from place to painting. Even with close to 30 years of painting, it is still a challenge to capture the movement and light in such constantly changing scenes.”