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Magdalena Morey

Magdalena Morey is a mixed media artist from Poland who has lived in locations across Europe. She has a strong affinity to nature and ecology which can be clearly seen in her abstract landscapes. She normally works on at least two or three canvases at the same time by finding a detail or a technique to expand on in another canvas, often with the degree of abstraction increasing in each iteration.

Magdalena says "​My passion for art stems from a love of experimenting and exploring the languages of colour and texture. I am particularly fascinated in transient phenomena and my aim is to create artwork that captures a sense of the ephemeral beauty found in those moments of time that make us feel glad to be alive. Organic textures, light and natural beauty are fundamental to my art. Every painting is built up from multiple layers of acrylics, watercolours and pastels. I adore the potential interplays of texture, reflectivity and colour that this mixed media approach allows me."