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Annabel Talbot

Annabel lives and works in Northumberland. 

In 2014, she began to develop her sculptural ceramic work and featured in Ceramic Review.

Annabel studied Footwear and Accessories Design at Cordwainers College of Art, London (1996-2000) and Visual Culture at Northumbria University (2004-2007).


Between 2007-2014 Annabel worked as a researcher and curator specialising in Historic Fine and Decorative Arts.

"Bowl-shaped silhouettes in different sizes form the basis of my Ceramic work. These 3-dimensional Ceramic canvases made in Stoneware and Porcelain depict abstract landscapes of Earth and Sky.  I use the glaze like a painter would use paint, applying it in the same considered way, understanding and experimenting with the colours that can move and change considerably during the high-temperature firing."