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Andrew Holmes

After gaining an Art and Design Degree in 1980, Andrew worked as a freelance illustrator, collaborating on commercial projects in advertising, design, TV and film, until 2008 when he returned to painting. His high-impact paintings from still life to landscapes and figures have exhibited in the UK, Europe and USA to great acclaim. The influence of popular culture, classical realism and abstraction is carried through Andrew's work.


“I’m curious about aesthetic appreciation and how we know if something is good or bad art. A painting, or any artwork, is a physical and cognitive record of the process an artist has engaged in when making it. Regardless of how successful it is, the finished piece will inevitably be an authentic account of this process and open to examination. But it’s the contextualisation of an artwork, in a place or through critical engagement, that truly influences our perception and intellectual judgement of it.”

Born 1959 in Kent, England, Andrew lives and works in London.